The Story

You may wonder where the name, String Marketing, comes from. There is a story!

When I was five years old, we visited my grandparents in Brooking, South Dakota for Easter.  The entire family was there.  Aunts, Uncles, Cousins...everyone.  This should have been a joyful gathering. But for some reason I wasn’t too happy. So I decided to go out to the driveway and kick down the ice. Do you remember doing that? The spring snow was melting and it created rivers under the ice cover in the gutters of the street.   I LOVED kicking ice, breaking it down, making it go away. A great stress reliever!

My grandfather Gene saw me pouting outside and came out to check on me.  To cheer me up, he took me for a walk. And during our walk, we made up an amazing story about a magic string.  He told me to imagine that the magic string I held in my small hands was pulling a large, umbrella-covered circus behind us. With his prompting questions, I started to describe what the circus sounded like. How large the elephants were. The size of the clown’s shoes. What the wet hay smelled like. The smiles and giggles on the children’s faces. How the cotton candy tasted.

It was as if Imagination exploded in my brain. This was even better than kicking down the ice!

Grandpa told me that this string was the connector to a world of creativity. The string was small, but I could always carry it with me. It was my imagination. I could think of an adventure in my mind, and I could go there! I could create an idea in my little head, and it could become something!

Creativity and imagination are no longer tied to just a magical circus. These are skills I have developed that influence my work with my clients. This string is now building websites. Marketing material. Creative pieces. It’s still working its magic.

So…what better name for the number one outlet for my imagination and creativity…. String Marketing.

Stephanie Hofhenke

Chief Creative Instigator